Nikon Z6 III & 24-120mm f/4 S Digital Camera


Nikon Z6 III: A mirrorless camera in a class of its own

Nikon expands its acclaimed lineup of midrange Z series cameras with the Z6III full-frame hybrid camera. Built on the spirit of the Z8 and Z9, the small but tough Z6III is a flexible creative powerhouse that offers exquisitely detailed stills and internal 6K/60P (RAW) video recording.

The all-new Z6III introduces a new level of performance to mid-range full-frame cameras and is an exciting upgrade for photographers and videographers who want to hone their skills or go big on creativity, while keeping their setup ultra-compact. At the heart of the camera is the world’s first partially stacked full-frame CMOS sensor—designed to let the Z6III perform big and stay small, it delivers in every way with incredible image quality and eye-widening dynamic range and colour fidelity.

Partially Stacked Sensor and Powerful Processing Engine

The partially stacked sensor at the heart of the Z6III is backed by the same EXPEED 7 processor that drives the Z8 and Z9 - and this powerful duo fuel the camera’s blazing AF calculations and EVF refresh rates, as well as its impressive light sensitivity. Stills shooters get a consistently smooth view through the viewfinder and can unleash up to 120 fps without worrying about rolling shutter distortion. Video shooters can deliver pristine 6K and 5.4K footage straight from the camera or create detail-rich 4K UHD video oversampled from 6K in-camera.

8-stop VR with focus point stabilisation

An incredible 8.0 stops of in-camera image stabilisation gives you the freedom to nail super-sharp handheld shots, even at night. If you’re using a NIKKOR Z lens without built-in VR, Focus Point VR will stabilise the area around the active focus point no matter where it is in the frame: it’s a game changer for creative wide-angle compositions.

Ultra-high-resolution with Pixel Shift

If you’ve always wanted to explore ultra-high-resolution photography, now’s your chance! Activate Pixel Shift on the Z6III and you can merge multiple RAW files into one 96-megapixel image with spectacular colour and low noise. Shooting still subjects with the camera on a tripod will give you the best results. Simply use Nikon’s free NX Studio software to combine the files.

Hi-res EVF with ultra-wide colour gamut

The Z6 III is the first mirrorless camera ever to have an EVF with a wide DCI-P3 colour gamut! You'll see more lifelike colours with no colour banding, which helps immensely when making critical decisions. HEIF and JPEG files straight from the camera will look the way you intended.

With a refresh rate of 60 fps, the 5760k-dot EVF displays a consistently smooth, full-resolution view during shooting and playback. Sharpness is incredible throughout the frame, making it easier to confirm focus, and there's no jolting or drops in resolution when shooting at high frame rates.

Flagship AF features you can trust. Always.

However they move, the Z6III mirrorless camera sticks to your subject like glue. Flagship autofocus features bring you consistently reliable subject acquisition and tracking that won’t let go - even in the dark.

Blisteringly fast AF calculations on a par with the Z8 and Z9 allow remarkable precision at high-speed frame rates, while deep-learning technology powers impressive subject detection in Auto-Area AF and Manual Focus, or when using Auto Capture. There are also dedicated subject detection modes for people and animals: tracking on the eyes is incredible, even if your subject is extremely small in the frame.

If you’re shooting as daylight fades, before the sun rises, or at night, AF sensitivity down to –10 EV means you can keep shooting longer. If you’re out in bright conditions, dedicated AF pixels on the camera’s sensor keep faces in focus even if they’re in shadow or backlit.

If you’re using a shallow depth of field to shoot still subjects, or interior or landscape details, Pinpoint AF offers a very small, very precise AF point. You can define the exact point of focus on even the most delicate elements of your composition.


Key Specs:

  • Partially Stacked 24.5MP Full-Frame Sensor
  • 6k RAW video in-camera
  • 60 fps, 5670k-dot EVF
  • Expeed 7 Processor
  • Up to 120 fps with AF/AE & Pre-Release Capture
  • 8-stop in-body VR
  • 750g with premium weather sealing
  • 1x CFExpress & 1x UHS-II SD slot
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