The UK Home Office can be particularly strict when coming to accepting Passport Photos. So why not avoid the hassle of using a booth, and get a professional passport photo from Bass & Bligh. 

We take professional photos for use in a UK Passport, ID Card, Bus Pass, as well as for a wide-range of foreign Passports / Visas. 

It is becoming more common for applications to require digital passport photos rather than a paper copy. At Bass & Bligh, we can we can provide digital passport photos as well as a physical copy. Whether you’re renewing your passport, or applying for a new one, we can upload your photo to Her Majesty’s Passport Office. We’ll provide you with a digital code, which you can then input into your online application. When you do this, your passport photos will be automatically matched to your application. 

With our printed passport photos, you’ll receive 6 identical color photos that meet the strict specifications set by the Passport Office. All Passport / ID photos are ready for collection while you wait. 




Choice of Digital code OR physical prints - £9.99 

Digital code AND physical prints - £12.99


We also cater for babies or small children. 

When requesting a Passport / ID photo for a nationality other than the UK, please bring the paperwork issued by your government office so that we can ensure the photo is taken to comply with their regulations, as these vary between different regions. 

Should you have any queries regarding our Passport Photo Service, please contact us on 01423 538138 or e-mail us at