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Over time dirt and dust can gather in the chamber of your camera, particularly if you change lenses in the field'.

When this dust builds up on the sensor then you may notice signs of this though dark spots' on your photos. This can be more noticable when photographing plain backgrounds such a white/grey background or the sky. A regular sensor clean maintains your camera's performance and helps you  achieve the best possible results from your camera.


We aim to clean sensors within 24 hours but will try to work to your requirements.

Things to note before sending us your DSLR for a Sensor Clean:

  • Be sure to include a Fully Charged Battery or mains adaptor, as most cameras require at least an 80% charge to perform a sensor clean.
  • Print your order confirmation and send it to us with your camera. Please make sure you have your Order Number on the printout.

  • If you are unable to drop your camera in store then you can also post it to us. If you have any questions about our sensor cleaning service then please contact us on 01423 538138 or e mail us on 
  • Shipping will be based on your order value - see below for more detailed information.





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    We will buy or part-exchange your cameras, lenses, accessories, spotting scopes and binoculars.

    We are able to give you a rough price - however we will need to see your gear to give you a final price.

    The market fluctuates rapidly and there are a number of considerations we have to make when purchasing equipment from our customers. Our prices undoubtedly are less than you would get if you were to sell privately. The reason for this is, when we sell them to a customer we have to provide a warranty - and with growing costs for repairs this has to be a key consideration.

    We’ll always offer as fair a deal as possible and are happy to negotiate or in some instances offer a commission sales basis.

    To enquire about selling or part exchanging any items, please complete our online form and ensure you select 'Selling / Part Exchange' within the enquiry type dropdown. 

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    Many thanks, Justin

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